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For companies looking to build AI-driven solutions that solve complex business problems.
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Building AI for the real world

In partnership with IVADO Labs, our unique team of world-class researchers, data scientists, and strategists will help you realize the transformational potential of AI for your business.
Founded in 2017, IVADO Labs is a leading AI solution provider with a mission to take advanced AI technologies out of the lab and apply them in the real world.

Complex problems call for custom solutions

Enterprises can leverage our expertise to customize AppDirect AI, aligning with their specific data governance and organizational objectives, including:
AI Configuration:
  • Advanced data assessment to optimize AI performance
  • LLM evaluation to ensure the best fit for your needs
  • Advanced integrations for seamless workflow implementation
Advanced Features:
  • Private LLM deployment for enhanced security and control
  • Fine-tuning for precise AI model customization
  • Workflows to streamline AI-driven processes

Our process

We are ready to help you with your own business transformation. It all starts with developing solutions that are measurable and impactful.
Advisory: Explore the possibilities
We'll help you find the right opportunity for meaningful outcomes.
Blueprint: Develop the hypothesis
Develop by identifying the right scientific approach to solve your specific business challenge.
MVP: Test & measure
We work closely with you to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) within 3-6 months and prove out the concept.
Amplify: Scale up & fine tune
Once proven, IVADO Labs will industrialize the solution and deploy it at scale so you can realize its full potential.

We create AI solutions that blend advanced predictive, prescriptive, and generative capabilities

Our solutions cater to a wide range of industries focusing on critical areas like retail space optimization, merchandising and assortment, pricing and promotions strategies, and demand forecasting.

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