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Transform your AI app ideas into reality without needing any coding skills. Unlock innovation and productivity for you, your team, and your customers.
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  • Advanced data ingestion options: AppDirect AI provides more built-in choices than any other solution to define your app's data sources (files, drive folders, and websites) and schedule automated data updates.
  • App personality optimization: Customize your AI app to speak with users in an appropriate language style for the task.
  • Secure environment: Build your AI app on your proprietary data sets in a secure environment without worry.
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Boost productivity-for everyone
  • Thought partner: Use your AI to help you get to the right answer, faster. Ask for advice on blind spots, get help editing a proposal, or learn how to align your calendar to your priorities.
  • Quickly pull insights: Summarize large documents or data sets, pull themes to help you build a business case, or quickly cut through the noise to find answers.
  • Gain new knowledge: Upload data and pull inquiries relevant to your specific needs to help you learn new skills, gain new insights, or challenge your assumptions..
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Share apps with confidence
  • Privacy first: Sharing your AI bot securely is paramount. Whatever data you use to create your AI, rest assured that it will stay in the app and will never be used to train LLMs outside your organization.
  • AI-powered collaboration: App sharing with colleagues gives teams a powerful tool to gain new insights, unlock innovation, and increase productivity.
  • Public sharing: Sharing apps within your organization or publicly is easy and secure.
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Explore marketplace of built-for-purpose AIs
  • Out of the box AIs: Explore the rich catalog of AIs ready to use immediately.
  • Search by category: Everything from data analytics to legal support to marketing content. You can also search for apps based on keywords.
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Choose the LLM provider most suitable for the task for each app you create. You can also create your own model with the help from our partner, IVADO Labs.
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