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  • {} AIAccounting Assistant
  • {} AILegal Aid
  • {} AIHR Specialist
Introducing the Accounting Assistant, an AI created to help you with accounting and financial planning questions.
Ask it anything, such as...
How should I prepare for my annual tax return?
What do I need for tax deductions?
How can I improve my personal financial planning?
How to record my business expenses?
Tax implications of hiring employees vs contractors?
How to maximize tax deductions for my business?
Start chatting with Accounting Assistant

Create purpose-built, secure AI apps in minutes—using your data and choice of LLM

Low/no code

Our low/no code solution empowers you to effortlessly create tailor-made AI applications for your business and clientele.

Enterprise-grade governance

Fearlessly build your AI using even the most sensitive data. Our admin-first approach puts IT leaders in the driver's seat, ensuring meticulous oversight and control over AI implementations.

Choose your LLM

App creators can choose the LLM provider most suitable to meet their business purpose for every app they create.

Collaborative workspace

Our workspace fosters seamless collaboration, giving teams a powerful tool to gain new insights, unlock innovation, and increase productivity.

Your data, your AI

Train your AI with your proprietary assets to provide results that are important to you, then watch it unlock unique insights into your business.

Custom deployment options

For companies ready to build a fully custom, enterprise-ready AI solution, AppDirect partner Ivado labs provides professional services to help develop your vision, strategy, and implementation.

Create apps without using code

  • Step One


    Configure with your own instructions and data to make fit for purpose AI applications.
  • Step Two


    Personalize with an avatar and personality settings controlling how creative and friendly or serious the AI is.
  • Step Three


    Share with coworkers, friends and family and create a profile to help others know how to interact with your AI.
At AppDirect, we're democratizing the AI space. Creating Gen AI apps is quick and simple, anyone can get one up and running within minutes, no coding skills required.

Peush Patel

VP Product Management / AppDirect

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